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Dyna-Bal Floor Model machines are designed for rugged use, yet are super-sensitive, easy and simple to operate. Overhung balancing of fans, etc. is made simple with Dyna-Bal's standard equipment overhung balancing adaptor.

Quick, easy height adjustment to compensate for different size bearing surfaces make end thrusters obsolete. Balance rotors in their own bearings or with one bearing and on one journal.

Dyna-Bal machines automatically compensate for uneven floors - no special floors or foundations are required. Dyna-Bal machines are not bolted down (anchored) to the floor. This makes extending the subbase fast and easy.

The subbase has been manufactured in two sections allowing them to be extended beyond rated bearing centers. This allows you to balance rotating parts that are longer than your subbase.

D5 HD                1000 pounds
D15                   1500 pounds
D25                   2500 pounds
D40                   4000 pounds
D60                   6000 pounds
D80                   8000 pounds
D100               10,000 pounds
D150               15,000 pounds
D200               20,000 pounds
D250               25,000 pounds
D300               30,000 pounds
D400               40,000 pounds
D600               60,000 pounds
D800               80,000 pounds